Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Ghost caught on tape during radiation leak testing in old Japan WWII tunnels

An incredible ghost apparition was caught on tape during a visit to old WWII tunnels in the mountains of Japan. The camera started to go crazy and was malfunctioning at the lower level of the tunnels. Strange EVP's ( Electronic voice phenomenon ) were caught on tape during the filiming. If you listen very closely, you can hear a voice saying "closer" , a couple of times during the video. These tunnels are not open to the public . This week a small group of engineers were sent into these old WWII tunnels to test radiation levels. The tunnels are several miles away from the leaking reactors. The deepest part of the tunnel is approx 1500 ft into the ground and can be reached via several steps and wooden slides leading to the bottom. These tunnels were used for mining purposes before Japan used them for WWII purposes. Radiation levels in the tunnels were detected in very small amounts, not harmful to humans, but high enough to arouse spirits of soldiers from a distant past.


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