Monday, 26 September 2011

Doppelgängers – Fact or Fiction

Doppelgänger as a term refers to “double walker” which means a shadow of oneself that accompanies every person. As traditional lore point out, these doppelgängers are usually visible to the person himself and occasionally it may be visible to friends and family resulting in being present at two locations and causing confusion.

Although it may seem impossible for a person to be present in two places, yet the concept and theory of doppelgangers seem to betray this. There have been many instances in the history that claim to have sighted doppelgängers. Some of these have been of apparitions of one’s own self while others claim to have seen the similar person at two different locations. From what ever claims that have been reported, it seems that the doppelgänger is just like the real person and can interact in the similar fashion just as the real person.

There have been instances of doppelgängers been reported. Here is an account of the few famous ones:

Emilie Sagee: perhaps the most intriguing of the cases of doppelgangers has been that of Emilie Sagee. She was a teacher in a girl’s school in Latvia. Several instances of her double appearing in full view of the students had been reported. The doppelganger sometimes copied her movements, other times it appeared in two different locations. When two of the students tried to touch one of the phantoms, they faced some resistance and then the figure vanished. Emilie herself never witnessed her shadow but she felt tired and drained on those instances when others claimed to have seen her doppelganger.
The French short story writer and novelist, Guy de Maupassant also claimed to have seen his doppelganger and been haunted by it.
The 16th century English poet John Donne was visited by the doppelgängers of his wife.
Queen Elizabeth I of England had apparently seen her doppelgängers on the bed. This sighting shocked her to such an extent that she died shortly.
Percy Bysshe Shelley was visited by his doppelganger who pointed towards the Mediterranean Sea and shortly Shelly drowned in the Mediterranean Sea due to a sailing accident.


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