Thursday, 21 July 2011

What Makes a Ghost?

Much study and research has been done to determine why someone becomes a ghost and the prevailing theory is that when death is sudden and traumatic, it is more likely to result in a haunting.  .

Though some ghosts may stay here simply because they want to, most ghosts are caused by one of the following situations:

Murder -- especially those that remain unsolved.  Sometimes the ghost will not move on until the murder is solved.

Accidents -- Sudden death from accidents such as car wrecks, drownings, falls and fires.  Hauntings are far more prevalent from accidental deaths than those caused naturally.

Suicide --  The pain and torment that a suicide victim feels will often cause them to remain here in ghostly form.

Broken hearts -- Much like suicide, the pain and torment felt by someone who dies while mourning a lost love or a family member may cause them to remain earthbound.

Desecration of a grave -- While these spirits may have initially passed on, they will often return if vandalism, tombstone theft or other desecration of the grave occurs.

Greed -- Sometimes humans carry a preoccupation with land or money which can create hauntings, when the ghost is unable to let go of its earthly possessions.

Lack of a proper burial -- If the spirit believes he or she did not receive what they believe is a proper burial, they may remain.


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