Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Paranormal research equipments....

Four Channel DVR 

PPI uses a 4 channel H.264 Pentaplex Network DVR surveillance system to monitor a location during the hours of our investigation. This video surveillance system allows us to monitor the site from a central command center. We have over 740 feet of video cable, so we can place our cameras virtually anywhere.

High Resolution Infrared Surveillance Cameras 

PPI has seven high-resolution infrared surveillance cameras capable of capturing crystal clear images in total darkness. Our cameras have a variety of Fields Of View and a variety of infrared LED arrays, providing us the necessary flexibility to effectively monitor any location.    

Digital Audio Recorders 

PPI uses a variety of digital audio recorders during our investigations. These recorders allow us to record for hours without worrying about changing tapes. We use these recorders during our vigils and sometimes we leave them in a room to record when investigators are not present. We carefully analyze these recordings for audio anomalies that might be evidence of Electronic Voice Phenomena.

Digital Still Cameras 

PPI uses a variety of digital still cameras, including models that are equipped with Sony’s patented “Night Shot” infrared mode, to document our investigations. We carefully examine every photo taken during our investigations, and we use sophisticated image software to analyze any anomalies.

Infrared Illuminators 

PPI uses a variety of infrared illuminators to extend the range of our infrared video and digital still cameras. They provide us with the ability to capture the clearest possible infrared images in absolute darkness.

Infrared Video Cameras 

PPI uses a variety of infrared analog and digital video cameras as walk around cameras to document the investigation from a first person point of view. We also use these cameras to augment our DVR surveillance system to monitor hot spots that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Digital Thermometers 

PPI uses a variety of thermocouple thermometers to document ambient air temperatures during our investigations. Many paranormal researchers believe that cold spots occur in haunted locations, and ambient air temperature readings are the only reliable way to document such temperature anomalies.  
Unlike thermocouple thermometers, infrared non-contact thermometers only measure surface temperatures. PPI uses these sophisticated thermometers to check the surface temperatures of vents, doorways and windows during investigations.

Geiger Counters 

PPI uses sophisticated hand held Geiger counters to monitor and record minute changes in the background radiation level of a location during our investigations. These levels are documented during our baseline sweeps and anomalous spikes or dips inconsistent with the background radiation pulse are later studied.

Carbon Monoxide Meters 

Carbon Monoxide is an odorless, colorless, tasteless by-product of incomplete combustion of fossil fuels, and people who are exposed to it generally have no sense of the danger they are in. Exposure to carbon monoxide can cause symptoms that could easily be misinterpreted as paranormal activity. The most common symptoms are headaches, dizziness, confusion, difficulty concentrating, amnesia, personality changes, weakness, fatigue, heart palpitations, cramps, nausea, vomiting, unconsciousness and even death. Carbon Monoxide exposure is a serious health hazard, and PPI uses these sensitive handheld CO meters as part of the environmental baselines when conducting an investigation.

EMF Detectors 

PPI uses a variety of digital and analog Electro Magnetic Field detectors during our investigations. High EMFs have been the subject of debate by health professionals world wide, and studies are ongoing that seem to indicate a link between exposure to EMF and reports of perceived paranormal activity by electro magnetically sensitive individuals.

MEL 8704 EMF Meters

The MEL-8704 was designed specifically for paranormal research. It combines two of the most commonly used environmental monitoring devices in one easy to use package -- a highly sensitive digital Electro Magnetic Field detector and an ambient air temperature thermocouple thermometer. PPI uses these devices during our environmental baseline sweeps. We also use them to document subtle changes in ambient air temperature and the EMF pulse of a location during the course of our investigations.

K-II Meters

The K-II Safe Range meter was designed as a simple Electro Magnetic Field detector for laypersons to identify potentially hazardous EMFs in their homes or businesses. PPI uses them primarily as inexpensive broad spectrum EMF/RF detectors during our investigations.

AC Field Detectors

PPI uses these scanners as part of our environmental baseline sweeps and during the course of our investigations. These tools detect live AC wires behind walls and floors, and help us determine the source of strong electro-magnetic fields in homes and businesses.


PPI uses anemometers to document the movement of air during an investigation. These devices are extremely sensitive, and measure not only the strength of an air current, but the temperature. They are great for identifying cold drafts near windows and doors.

Software, Computers and Peripherals

The laptop computer is one of the most adaptable tools among our equipment, utilized during and after investigations.  Diverse software applications assist us in recording, documenting and analyzing data, which proves indispensable in the peer review process for evidence that will eventually determine the outcome of an investigation.


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