Thursday, 6 October 2011

Unsolved Mysteries

Probably one of the most famous, most widely renowned unsolved mysteries of all time is that of the Bermuda Triangle, situated in the Atlantic Ocean, where so many planes and boats have just literary disappeared, no wreckage, or parts or bodies ever being found? A mystery as big as this, remains unsolved to date, and yet planes and ship continue to disappear in the area.
An unsolved mystery in literal terms is a series of events that occurred, or, in the case of the Bermuda triangle, continues to occur, and one for which there is no feasible or scientific explanation. The city of Machhu Pichu lay undiscovered for centuries, famously known as the lost city of the Incas. But who actually built it, and in what date? The same as Stone Henge in the United Kingdom, who constructed such a stone circle, and with what equipment were stones of such a size moved to create the formation of a ring?.
Although there are many hoaxes, and even evidence to people who dedicate their life to hoaxing mysteries, we must ask ourselves, is this work of the supernatural, or who is behind such a set of circumstances.
The most famous crime related unsolved mystery of all time has to be that of Jack the Ripper, who stalked the streets in London, his reign of terror in 1888, ending as abruptly as it begun, but even with the finding of a body floating in the river Thames, no one knows, and never will, who actually was Jack the Ripper, what possessed an individual to rape, torture and mutilate so many young woman, and then, stop.
Another great mystery in history is that of the shroud of Turin, believed to be the death shroud for the body of Jesus Christ, though to date, even with extensive scientific research, and carbon dating techniques, no one is able to give a satisfactory explanation for the outlining of a body on the shroud. The shroud is currently at St john the Baptists church in Turin, and scientists continue to find an explanation..
The Mary Celeste was a ship that set sail from Nova Scotia, Canada, in 1860, later to be bought in a New York auction. Its new owner and family set sail, never to be seen again, though, the ship itself, with no markings or signs of struggle was later found floating in the straights of Gibraltar.
What forces are we working with here? Is the an upper body that we are unaware of that is in control of these events, events that will remain a mystery for ever, as scientists come up with theory upon theory, but never the necessary, essential proof needed to close any of the above such mysterious cases. As much as scientists would like to find a cold and calculated explanation for everything, and strongly disbelieve in supernatural powers at work, they find themselves unable to give explanation for many events. So, who, or what force are these events the work of?


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