Wednesday, 29 June 2011

One of the scariest encounters with the paranormal

This is the true story of an Irish couple Shawn and Nicole.... Do read it...

It was the vacation of a lifetime-just my best friend Nicole and I going away to Ireland. I was very excited as we were going to stay in a famous castle, which of course had some history of its own.
I believe it was Cabra castle of something to that effect. I recall it as it was yesterday. We were in room #71.
We left our room to go through the courtyard to the main castle for dinner. We then proceed to go look for this haunted bridge or something. We made a few jokes about how we were going to hang each other from the bridge. We had a bit of fun with that, hit the bar and then went back towards our room
After returning, our luggage was messed up on the floor. We thought nothing of it-could have been the maid for all we know. We noticed that the dog that went around the hotel courtyard was outside of our room (was an Irish wolfhound).
We got to bed about an hour or so after we had got back and we locked the door and the dog got up and went away. So it was now about 1 a.m.
I was sleeping through the night and at around 3.a.m., I had a rude awakening.
I started freaking out because I felt like someone was on top of me and that I was being scratched at. I was freaking out and I started screaming and moving around and I was hitting Nicole trying to wake her up.
I felt that my face was bleeding and could taste the blood. I was in a state of panic.
I managed to get Nicole up and she was trying to calm me down. I was telling her I was bleeding and to get help right away.
As she felt my face she felt the blood. She was in shock! So she said she would turn on the light and call the desk for help.
She reached for the phone and light which were right by one another and she got as she described "Brutally pushed aside hitting her head on the floor".
She reached for her pocket keychain light to search for the light. She crawled over to the light switch and came running back to the bed where I was still feeling as if I was pinned down.
She got on the bed to check on me and I felt as if I could freely move so I sit up. I was feeling pinned down this whole time hence my freaking out.
She checked me for blood and there was no sign of blood.
We went to open the door and check to see if there was any sign of forced entry into our hotel room in case it was something else. There we saw the dog walk back to the front of our door and he lay down there. We couldn't get back to sleep at all.
The whole thing freaked me out and I am not sure what exactly happened.
Why was the dog back after the attack?
Why could I taste blood and then be fine?
I couldn't move and I did not shove Nicole off the bed.
It was one of the freakiest experiences ever. Did I anger a spirit and they were being spiteful?
This isn't my first encounter with strange beings just the most physical.


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